Design, Furnish & Install Services for Telecommunications Systems

Turnkey DF & I LBA Technology collaborates with engineering professionals to offer its capabilities to completely design, equip, and commission your telecommunications systems worldwide. We are a turnkey infrastructure service provider. Whether new construction, refurbishment or maintenance, we and our partners are experienced and equipped to manage and accomplish the most demanding single or multiple site projects – on budget, on time.


Typical Project Capabilities

• Television Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• MW Broadcast Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• AM Broadcast Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• FM Broadcast Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• TV Broadcast Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• Radio Broadcast Transmitter Site & Antenna Design – Installation
• NAVTEX, GMDSS, DGPS, Radiobeacon Site Design – Installation
• Microwave Site Design – Installation – Path Alignment


Design Services

We provide a wide range of services to plan, specify and define telecommunications systems. Our professionals interface closely with our customer and other project professionals to deliver a cost-effective, functional solution. Core services include those disciplines  relating to design and construction of radio frequency transmitter and antenna systems, telecommunications centers, radio signal propagation, and facility EMI RF shielding and RF security installations. 


Installation Services

Turnkey Design Services

LBA has experienced resources to competently undertake a wide variety of RF communications technology maintenance, construction and installation projects. Areas supported include towers, antennas and transmitters for medium wave, shortwave, FM and TV broadcasting; DGPS, NAVTEX and GMDSS shore installations; FM and TV translators; communications sites; and electromagnetic shielding.

We emphasize efficient project planning, monitoring and management. Close adherence to safety regulations, codes, and recognized international standards, while realizing high project performance are core values.


Procurement and Logistics Services

We maintain facilities and staff to kit, assemble, pretest, and stage electronic equipment for multiple site projects. These services help ensure that already integrated and tested project components arrive on the construction site on time and ready to install and commission. This minimizes time requirements for on site personnel, and inefficiencies of on-site repair or replacement encountered when installing untested equipment components.

Our logistics experts will procure and organize deliveries of project components to one or multiple sites worldwide.

LBA has a partnership with the Export Import Bank of the United States which empowers us to offer highly competitive financing terms to qualifying international customers.

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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.