Microwave & Wireless Backhaul Systems

Wireless backhaul links are becoming more critical as a flexible, quickly deployable, and high capacity substitute for T1 and other traditional wired links. LBA provides technical support for all types of microwave links; traditional licensed, unlicensed (WiFi), MMDS, millimeter wave – even free space optical links!

Our RF experts perform the functions you need to get up and running: Link performance design, site selection, path topographical surveys, validation testing, interference coordination/licensing, deployment management and acceptance testing.

Link design: LBA translates your backhaul link requirement into a design that takes maximum advantage of available frequencies to minimize complexity and cost. Designs recognize reliability, traffic handling, and expansion requirements. LBA can work closely within your established hardware vendor relationships to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts.

Site selection: Your site acquisition forces are provided complete site criteria, direction, and coordination for the locations needed to support the designed facilities. LBA can take full responsibility for site walks and other site-specific activities. We also have a proven capability in RF zoning issue resolution to support the site acquisition process. LBA can even provide you turnkey site acquisition services.


Wireless Backhaul chart

Path surveys: Our technical staff uses the latest analysis software tools and geographic information system support databases to evaluate point-to-point and point-to-multipoint paths line-of-sight (LOS) availability. Where non-LOS paths are required, as for advanced mesh backbones, our capabilities include probabilistic prediction methodologies as well. When theoretical path options have been established, and prospective sites located, LBA performs actual path observations, including actual survey of the fresnel zone environment (e.g., terrain, buildings, towers, tree growth) and alternate path possibilities.  Full path GIS documentation—including photography—at both ends of the hop and along the path is provided for your final path acceptance.

FCC logoCoordination/licensing: Working with established frequency coordinators, LBA manages the FCC licensing process for each link, including negotiation of clearances and waivers. For unlicensed links, or where doubt exists about licensed path interference, we perform on-site interference surveys. On a lifecycle basis, LBA is available to investigate and resolve future interference or coordination problems.

Deployment management: LBA can provide an expert team to support your backhaul project implementation. The team will ensure that all required services are coordinated to meet your performance, cost, and timeline objectives. In order to support the system lifecycle requirements, we ensure that appropriate acceptance testing is done, as-built documentation is completed, and future maintenance requirements are provided for.

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