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architectural shielding solutions for buildings, laboratores and other workplaces LBA offers complete architectural RF shielding capabilities, including RF shielding for communications, medical and other radio frequency interference sensitive facilities. LBA is a major provider of architectural shielding solutions for buildings, laboratories and other spaces.

LBA also offers other RF shielding materials, such as paintsfabrics and faraday cages, as well as an integrated line of shielding components to provide a comprehensive shielding system.

RF shielding systems protect and maximize the functionality of the infrastructure investment of the facility operator.


Benefits of Architectural RF shielding:

• Reduces incidence of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)  induced performance degradation from existing and future RF EMI sources
• Reduces RF field levels to which the facility equipment is exposed by 90% to 99%.
• Provides protection against interfering signals, including AM, FM, TV, emergency services, dispatch, pagers, ESMR, cellular and PCS
• Improved systems operating efficiency
• Enhanced overall system reliability
• Reduced system maintenance


Shielding and RF energy control applications:

Wireless and wired telecommunications installations close to powerful stations like AM, FM or TV broadcast facilities suffer interference from high level RF ingress into receiving, control and switching equipment. Elusive service quality problems, dropped calls and test procedure difficulties are often caused by RF ingress.

Medical facilities are often located in areas of high RF density, causing a malfunction risk to sensitive patient and laboratory equipment. Medical facilities are also generators of high-level radio frequency energy from electro-surgical devices, linear accelerators, diathermy equipment, MRI equipment and other devices that may pose a threat not only to collocated equipment but to associated patient and worker health. Problems have occurred from on-site security radios, cell phones, rooftop antennas and vehicular radios.

Testing of RF shieldingLaboratories and research locations incorporate facilities that may be particularly vulnerable to RF ingress. Sensitive experiments may be compromised by transient RF events with significant economic, even life-threatening, consequences.

Industrial sites can be large generators of high-level radio frequency energy from sealing, drying, baking, welding and other operations. This RF environment potentially affects process control and monitoring systems, internal communications systems, and worker health. We also provide RF Safety Training.

Architectural RF Shielding can often be installed to reduce problems to an acceptable level. Use our free online RF Ingress assessment tool to check for broadcast station interference threats. LBA surveys and quantifies your wireless facility RF exposure to determine what shielding your site requires and can then install a complete shielding solution to protect your installation. LBA field technicians use the latest technology in architectural shielding materials and proprietary shielding components. LBA is fully qualified to assess and apply other methods of remediation, as appropriate. We provide FCC and OSHA RF compliance services.


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