TGR-50HMP manpack MW Antenna being erected, Installed TGR-50EHD antenna system

TGR-50HMP manpack MW Antenna being erected Installed TGR-50EHD antenna system

Used by government and commercial entities worldwide, LBA Technology's self-contained TGR-50 manpack/portable, and TUP-3 trailer-mounted antenna systems are intended to permit fast implementation of temporary MW broadcast facilities, especially in isolated or catastrophe areas. Using LBA TuniPole™ technology, these antenna systems are completely grounded, and provide high efficiency, broadband transmissions. Options include program and transmitter equipment.

The TGR-50 class of rapidly deployable AM antennas is designed for easy transport and erection by limited personnel. No tower climbing or sophisticated lifting equipment are required for installation by a crew of three or four persons. Weight and packaging, according to model, typically permits transport by bearers, light vehicle, small boat, or helicopter. Disassembly and relocation is similarly convenient.

These antennas require a clear installation area of 100 feet (30 meters) to accommodate the supplied copper wire ground system. Maximum extension above ground is 50 feet (15 meters). Optionally, longer and more copper ground radials may be fitted to increase operational efficiency. No electrical power supply is required to the antenna system.

Totally integrated, LBA TGR-50 antenna systems include all ground radials, support equipment and tools necessary to transport, erect, tune and broadcast an efficient medium wave signal under field conditions. These systems can be up and running in a few hours after positioning.

TGR-50TR antenna system deploymentTGR-50TR antenna system deployment

TGR-50 systems use the proprietary LBA TuniPole™ folded unipole antenna design and are guyed and top-loaded. They exhibit remarkable bandwidth and signal stability for its compact design. Normally provided with an integral frequency agile tuning unit, TGR-50 systems are also available for use at a selected frequency. All are field tunable at the integrated tuning unit for optimal 50 ohm transmitter match and are rated for power up to 1,000 Watts, 125 percent modulated. The TGR-50 is designed for optimum performance for AM frequencies above 1000 kHz, with custom models available from 540 kHz. Field technical assistance is available. 

Available Transportable Systems:

TGR-50TR: Economical TGR system for temporary use at a preplanned location. An excellent choice for emergency or maintenance backup for established MW sites, community radio stations, or temporary disaster area installations.

TGR-50PS: Economical TGR system logistically provisioned for rapid transport, installation, and redeployment as well as interim depot storage. Transport crates are designed for small vehicle transport. Typically appropriate for broadcast chain deployable reserves, test transmission sites, or disaster relief agency reserves.        

TGR-50EHD: Heavy duty system equally suitable for long term provisional installation, rapid deployment, fast repositioning or depot reserve.  Transport packaging is reusable and designed for a variety of transportation down to a manpack level.

Suitable to the most demanding civil disaster and government broadcasting missions requiring maximum operational flexibility, frequent redeployments, and deployments into particularly difficult locations. The TGR-50EHD is also available in custom variants for radio beacon, NAVTEX, DGPS and other special non-broadcast uses.

TGR-65EHD: Similar to the TGR-50EHD, but with 65' height for more efficiency. Spec Sheet (PDF)


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