Detunipole™ Detuning Skirt Kit

Detunipole™ Detuning Skirt KitThe Detunipole™ detuning skirt kit, a type of AM detuning systems, based upon the highly regarded LBA Technology, Inc. Tunipole™ folded unipole kit, has been designed for installation on towers wherever AM detuning is required to control reradiation. These systems are widely used in the detuning of cellular, WiMax and two-way towers near AM antenna systems. Multiple system users include Sprint, AT&T Wireless, Verizon, ClearWire, MetroPCS and others.

Detunipole™ detuning skirt kits may be used on towers of any height or type - monopoles, lattice towers, or guyed towers. The skirts can readily detune three or more frequencies simultaneously! No base insulators or sectionalizing insulators are required. The direct tower ground provides excellent lightning protection for installed equipment at wireless sites.

The unique design of LBA Detunipole™ detuning skirt kits permit all tuning adjustments to be made from the ground, for all tower heights. Operation may be conveniently monitored at test connectors using a standard field intensity meter. All adjustable detuning system components are mounted in weather tight cabinets at the tower base.

Detunipole™ detuning skirt kits uniquely avoid dissimilar metal contacts for low site intermodulation. Only LBA Detunipoles™ are specifically designed for the demanding PCS and cellular RF intermodulation environments.

Detunipoles™ are supplied complete and ready to install with only hand tools. Standard towers or monopoles require no factory modification or special orders. Detunipoles™ detuning skirt kits have been installed on hundreds of towers worldwide - including Valmont, Rohn, Ft. Worth, and other wireless industry standards!

Installing an AM detuning skirt on a 345 KV high voltage transmisiion towerDetunipole™ detuning skirt kits are designed and manufactured by LBA Technology, Inc., a world leader in medium-wave antenna systems for over 30 years.

Custom detuning systems for watertanks, powerline transmission towers, cranes and other structures are available.

Turn-key detuning services are offered by Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. , a well respected leader in detune turn-key operations. See our FAQs on AM Detuning.


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