Lawrence Behr

Lawrence Behr | President / CEO


Lawrence Behr serves as the visionary founder of Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc., and LBA Group. With an impressive career spanning almost six decades, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the telecommunications industry, contributing significantly to broadcast, military, and commercial telecommunications technology. His role as an expert witness before the Federal Communications Commission, courts, and zoning authorities in communications regulatory matters underscores his authoritative presence in the field. A former Director of the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics (iNARTE), Lawrence Behr's influence extends far and wide.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Lawrence is recognized for his authorship and is a sought-after lecturer. Holding patents for several inventions in antenna technology and lightling protection reflects his innovative spirit. Beyond his impactful contributions, Lawrence is also an ardent amateur operator (K4JRZ) and finds joy in outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing. His lasting legacy is a testament to his unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements, leaving an indelible mark on the telecommunications industry.

Jennifer Cargile

Jennifer Behr Cargile | Vice President


With over two decades of entrepreneurial leadership under her belt, Jennifer Cargile is a dynamic addition to the LBA Group as its Vice President. While her past accomplishments have spanned creative domains, her entrance into LBA's offices ushers in a novel perspective. Her proficiencies shine particularly in project management, strategic planning, and sales – pivotal areas for driving LBA's continued success.

Jennifer's academic journey is equally distinguished, holding an Associate of Science degree from Peace University, a Bachelor of Arts from East Carolina University, and an Associate of Arts from Johnson & Wales University. As Vice President, she embraces the opportunity to uphold LBA's legacy and guide the company towards even greater achievements. Her diverse skills and visionary leadership position LBA Group for a promising future.

Kiara Walbrook

Craig Conticchio | Senior Director


Craig initially joined the LBA Group with a primary focus on advancing the development of LBA University. Since then, he has taken on the role of Senior Director within the organization. In the early 90s, he founded and led an automotive aftermarket franchise company as CEO/President until 1998. Subsequently, he transitioned to the realm of secondary, postsecondary, and adult education/administration throughout the 2000s. Leveraging his entrepreneurial drive, profound knowledge of physics, and two decades of educational experience, Craig is poised to make significant contributions to LBA Group's ever-expanding global partner network by delivering cutting-edge training and educational resources. 

Craig's academic achievements are notable, encompassing a Bachelor of Science in Physics, a Master of Science in Physics, and substantial progress towards a Ph.D. in BioMedical Physics, all earned from East Carolina University. His unique blend of expertise positions him as a valuable asset in propelling the LBA Group's mission to new heights.

Kiara Walbrook

Kevin Long | Director of Engineering 


Kevin Long, a seasoned professional with over two decades of industry expertise, has been appointed as the Director of Engineering at LBA Group. His remarkable journey includes a distinguished 22-year tenure at U.S. Cellular, where he held leadership roles such as Senior Manager System Performance and Manager Regional System Performance.

Kevin's achievements span a spectrum of RF System Engineering, Phased Array Antenna Architectures, Strategic Planning, Engineering Management, Budget Management, Regulatory Compliance, Team Leadership, Analytics, and Problem Solving. His profound insights have contributed significantly to the success of numerous high-profile projects in the technology and engineering sector.

Armed with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and an MBA in Business Administration and Management from the University of Tulsa, Kevin's passion for excellence and innovation perfectly align with LBA Group's values.

JaNiece Kinion

JaNiece Kinion | Business Manager 


JaNiece is a seasoned professional with a remarkable background in financial management and business operations. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and an MBA, she possesses a unique blend of knowledge that fuels her strategic approach to organizational growth.

Throughout her career, JaNiece's expertise has been instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency and driving profitability. Her ability to seamlessly integrate financial acumen with strategic vision has been evident in her roles, including her current position as the Business Manager at LBA Group. With a proven track record of enhancing performance and fostering growth, JaNiece continues to be a driving force in propelling organizations forward.

JaNiece Kinion

Kristina Kennett | Marketing Manager 


With a rich background spanning over a decade in Marketing and E-commerce, Kristina Kennett stands out as an accomplished Marketing professional, recognized for her ability to drive sales growth, enhance customer experiences, and execute successful digital commerce strategies. Throughout her journey across diverse marketing roles, she has consistently achieved remarkable milestones, drawing from her expertise encompassing content marketing, paid channels, organic search, and email marketing.

Kristina's proficiency extends to driving sales growth, refining customer experiences, and formulating impactful digital commerce strategies. She adeptly navigates content marketing, paid channels, organic search, and email marketing, consistently delivering commendable outcomes. Armed with an MBA from East Carolina University and a BSBA in Marketing & Management, Kristina's dedication to professional growth is evident. Currently serving as the Marketing Manager at LBA Group, she plays an instrumental role in elevating the company's marketing endeavors and assisting LBA with their marketing strategies.

Bryan Hill

Bryan Hill | Director of Production


Bryan Hill leads as the Director of Production at LBA Group, utilizing extensive expertise spanning over two decades in logistics, process optimization, and project management. His leadership journey within the organization underscores a commitment to excellence and continual growth. Collaborating seamlessly with both internal and external partners, Bryan adeptly supervises production processes, driven by an unwavering pursuit of heightened productivity and efficiency. His dedication to adhering to ISO guidelines solidifies his role as a highly valued asset within our organization.

Bryan's path at LBA Group began in the capacity of a Manufacturing Specialist, advancing steadily to the position of Manufacturing Operations Supervisor. His role as Director of Production Operations, has empowered him to guide the production team toward greater achievements. His journey at LBA Group reflects his passion for continuous improvement, positioning him as a driving force behind the company's success in consistently delivering top-quality products to our valued customers.

Jerry Brown

Chester Paramore | Director of Sales


With an extensive background spanning over thirty-five years in direct sales, marketing, and customer service management, Chester Paramore brings a wealth of experience to his role as the Director of Sales at LBA Group. Leveraging his expertise, Chester offers in-depth knowledge of LBA Group's comprehensive lightning protection solutions, ranging from fixed and portable lightning protection systems to tower and antenna protectors, as well as copper grounding products. He adeptly caters to our clients' lightning protection requirements.

Chester's unwavering commitment to detail and his steadfast focus on ensuring customer satisfaction make him a driving force behind LBA's efforts to not only meet but exceed the expectations of both new and existing customers. His dedication and proficiency contribute significantly to LBA Group's continued success in delivering top-notch solutions and services.

Jerry Brown

Jeutuanna Walston | Office Manager/Sales Support Specialist


Jeutuanna is an office management professional with 20 years of industry experience. She joined LBA Group in 2013 as a Receptionist and is now the Office Manager and Sales Support Specialist. Jeutuanna earned her associate degree in Office Administration in 2013 and an associate degree in Medical Office Administration in 2015.

Jeutuanna manages staff functions and efficiencies. She oversees the daily operations of the office and plans meetings, conferences and special events for LBA Group. Jeutuanna also coordinates and manages all Site Services/Technical Projects. She possesses excellent leadership and organizational skills and ensures the effectiveness of the company's staff and processes.

Prior to working at LBA Group, she held the Lead Bookkeeping and Customer Service role for over 11 years for a major home improvement business.

Floyd Oakley

Floyd Oakley | Account Executive


With over thirty years of experience in the electronics and building industries, Floyd Oakley serves as a dedicated Account Executive at LBA Group. Committed to delivering exceptional customer service, Floyd embraces a solution-focused approach that aligns seamlessly with the diverse needs of LBA's clients. He takes the lead in driving sales development and providing strategic direction for the RF Shielding product line, encompassing shielding paints, fabrics, and faraday cages.

Floyd's academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from East Carolina University, complementing his extensive industry experience. This unique blend of education and expertise positions Floyd as a proficient and accomplished professional, contributing significantly to LBA's reputation for delivering effective solutions and outstanding service to its valued clients and customers.

Floyd Oakley

John Hunter | Technical/Production Supervisor


With an impressive tenure of over three decades, John Hunter stands as an integral pillar of the LBA family. Leading the charge in engineering and production within our products division, Mr. Hunter's extensive expertise has been a driving force behind our consistent delivery of high-quality goods to customers across the globe. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology & Manufacturing, his unique skill set is finely tuned to contribute to LBA's success.

John's deep understanding of LBA's historical evolution adds a layer of insight that complements his technical prowess. This comprehensive approach ensures that he consistently upholds the standards of excellence that LBA Group is known for. His enduring commitment and valuable contributions make John Hunter an indispensable asset to our team and a key factor in our ability to provide top-tier products and services to our valued customers worldwide.

Floyd Oakley

Michael Foreman | Technical/Production Specialist


Michael Foreman, a valued member of the LBA family for over two decades, has exemplified dedication, hands-on engagement, and unwavering commitment within our tight-knit team. His profound technical expertise in LBA Group's products and services is matched only by his remarkable historical understanding of our company's evolution. Michael personifies the spirit of being an LBA family member, consistently willing to go the extra mile and lend a helping hand wherever needed. His selfless approach and readiness to dive into any task reflect the core values of our organization.

With his continuous contributions, Michael Foreman remains a cornerstone of LBA Group's success. We are truly fortunate to have had his enduring commitment and invaluable contributions throughout the years, making a lasting impact on our team and our ability to serve our clients with excellence.

Laurie Blount

Laurie Blount | Logistics and Procurement Specialist


Laurie Blount brings a wealth of experience to her role as a Logistics and Procurement Specialist at LBA Group. With over two decades dedicated to logistics and procurement, Laurie is a seasoned professional in the field. Her extensive background includes a profound focus on teamwork, customer service, procurement, and supply chain management.

Laurie's career journey has been marked by her unwavering dedication to ensuring that logistics and procurement processes run smoothly. Her meticulous approach to managing the supply chain, combined with her exceptional communication skills, has resulted in efficient operations throughout her career. Laurie's ability to maintain strong customer relationships and her analytical skills are the cornerstones of her expertise, which will significantly contribute to the LBA Group's mission of delivering operational excellence. With Laurie on board, we look forward to the enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of our logistics and procurement processes as we continue to provide top-notch solutions to our clients.

Randy Woolard

Randy Woolard | CAD Designer


Randy Woolard is a highly skilled CAD designer who excels at combining technical expertise with creative flair. At LBA Group, he plays a pivotal role in coordinating and collaborating on CAD designs for current and future projects, as well as optimizing existing products and streamlining internal processes.

With a career journey marked by versatility and unwavering dedication to mastering various fields, Randy's experiences include roles as a CNC Programmer, where he honed his precision and attention to detail. His diverse background and versatile skills make him a valuable asset to LBA Group, infusing fresh and innovative perspectives into our CAD designs.

Chris Horne

Chris K. Horne, PhD, PE | Technical Consultant


Chris provides business and engineering expertise to sales/proposal initiatives in the wireless and international communications industries. Chris collaborates with customers to implement wireless network solutions. He leads all technical activities at LBA in DAS and small cell design and integration, MW engineering, FCC compliance and RF Risk Management. Chris has held several management positions in the wireless industry where he has been responsible for network and equipment design, tower deployment and spectrum coordination.

Chris is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina, Illinois, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Minnesota, an adjunct teaching instructor, a member of the IEEE, Radio Club of America and the AFCCE.

Chris holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering and Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University. His personal interests include business-driven technology, wireless sensor networks and unification of light and microwave electromagnetic phenomena.




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