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LBA Group, Inc. has over 60 years of experience in providing technology and risk management for industrial and telecommunications infrastructure assets in the radio frequency and electromagnetic spaces. LBA is a multiple INC5000 awardee, CVMSDC-certified, and is a North Carolina Top 50 Hispanic minority-owned small business. The group is comprised of LBA Technology, Inc., a leading source and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection, and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial, and government users worldwide; the professional technical consultancy Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc.; and LBA University, Inc. providing online professional training. The companies are based in Greenville, N.C., USA. Keep up with what’s going on at LBA by following the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

LBA Group Inc. Divisions:

LBA University

LBA University, Inc. (LBAU) safety and compliance certification training keeps your employees safe, avoids OSHA and other regulatory problems, and minimizes occupational health and safety liability concerns. The focus of LBAU is on skills needed in the wireless and communications industries, with an emphasis on radio frequency safety. Thousands of industry workers have been trained by LBAU!

All LBAU occupational health and safety classes are available on-line for individual or group self-study. On-line group courses include a management interface to track and control your student's learning experience. Our courses are designed and presented by credentialed experts. Training is available worldwide, in English and Spanish.

Our objective is to collaborate with your safety and risk management team to tailor training to your specific needs, providing it to your employees where and when they need it. LBAU includes experienced safety managers who understand your problems creating and maintaining a properly safety trained and certified workforce, and will provide you solutions, not just courses. LBA University is a unit of LBA Group, Inc., a CVMSDC certified small disadvantaged Hispanic business.


Lawrence Behr Associates

Since 1963, Lawrence Behr Associates, Inc. has provided objective consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry. LBA offers infrastructure support services for radio frequency (RF) users, broadcasting, and the wireless communications industry worldwide. We deliver innovative solutions for RF interference detection, analysis, and remediation; NEPA RF compliance analysis and mitigation; AM detuning/pattern protection for towers and powerlines; colocation of wireless antennas on AM broadcast towers; antenna system design, siting, and adjustment; RF network technical support; and RF safety management.

Lawrence Behr Associates is a unit of LBA Group, Inc., a CVMSDC certified small disadvantaged Hispanic business.


LBA Technology

LBA Technology, Inc. is a leading source and integrator of radio frequency systems, lightning protection, and EMC equipment for broadcast, industrial, and government users worldwide.

Our proprietary products include transmitting antenna systems for AM broadcasting, NAVTEX, and for government manpack and flyaway operations; portable EMFaracage® RF isolation chambers; RF/EMP shielded rooms; cell site compatibility systems facilitating integration with other radio stations; and portable lightning masts used to protect industrial assets, satellite dishes, and the newest US fighter jets.

LBA Technology is also a distributor of state-of-art antenna test equipment, RF network analysers, RF survey meters, personal RF safety monitors, radio frequency hardware, vacuum capacitors, and RF shielding paints and fabrics.
LBA Technology is a unit of LBA Group, Inc., a CVMSDC certified small disadvantaged Hispanic business. 


LBA OneSource

As a pivotal division of the esteemed LBA Group, Inc., with over 60 years of industry leadership, we embody a legacy steeped in expertise and innovation. At LBA OneSource, our commitment to RF safety is fortified by the wealth of knowledge from LBA Technology, Inc., ensuring that our products, including RF test equipment, RF Personal Safety monitors, RF Architectural Shielding solutions, and calibration certification services, adhere to the highest industry standards. From personal Rf safety monitors to cutting-edge RF test equipment, RF architectural shielding, and calibration certification, our offerings are complemented by the comprehensive solutions of LBA Group. 
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About LBA

LBA Group companies serve technical infrastructure needs related to the broadcast, wireless, electromagnetic compatibility and safety sectors worldwide. We provide consulting, training and other telecommunications industry services. We also produce and market hardware for radio transmission, RF shielding, safety and testing.